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Accidents happen to the best of us. Sometimes an accident is all our fault and sometimes we’re the victim of circumstance. Either way, you’re still looking for the best answer to your collision repair needs. Terry’s Auto Body & Paint in Oceanside, CA is your local expert for auto body repair services. Bring your vehicle to our auto body repair shop for faster and more affordable collision repairs. We don’t sacrifice quality and excellence for speed, we’re just that good! Your vehicle’s collision was an unfortunate and untimely accident, and all you really want to do is get back to your regular schedule. We get you back on the road quickly by using the latest technologies and service techniques. Our decades of collision repair expertise gives us an edge over other local auto body shops. We handle everything from fender-benders to head-on collisions. The goal is to get you back on the road and your vehicle back to its original condition. No matter what the starting point is, our team is highly qualified and experienced at making sure you reach your goal faster. You and your vehicle’s collision repairs have our complete attention and we’ll keep you abreast at every step of the collision repair process.

From Bumper-to-Bumper–Top Quality Collision Repairs

Trust and Transparency are like the twin values of any quality auto repair shop. We’re not here just to bang out dents and buff out paint scratches. We want to restore order to your daily schedule by handing you back the keys to an attractive and fully-operational vehicle. Terry’s Auto Body & Paint is making your life easier with our top-notch collision repair service. Continue your daily commute, carpool, road trip, street race, car show, or any other occasion you need your vehicle in tip-top shape. We understand that the sooner we can finish, the better. Everyone wants their vehicle back on the road but we’re positive that you want it done right more than you want it done fast. You’ll be surprised at how well our auto body repair techs do both. When our customers come to us with a collision repair need, we make them both a top priority until they’re driving away behind the wheel of a “new” car. It’ll look, drive, and feel like it’s new, and even you will be impressed by how effectively it’s been restored. From headlights to tail lights, your vehicle will be in pristine condition after it’s gone through our collision repair process.

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A good place for our number is in your speed dial! Accidents can be stressful and time-consuming. The last thing you need to wonder about is, Who’s going to repair your car? After you’ve checked to make sure you, and every one of your passenger is okay, press the Terry’s Auto Body phone number in your speed dial. And that’s pretty much all you have to do. We’ll handle the rest, including dealing with the insurance company, always on your behalf. Just because they say your vehicle’s “totaled” doesn’t mean we can’t fix it for you. Give us a call today at 760-576-2068 to schedule your collision repairs. Save some time by using our convenient online scheduling system.