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Terry’s Auto Body & Paint in Oceanside, CA is your collision repair specialist. We understand your needs and are here to meet and exceed every expectation. No matter what type of auto body repairs you are seeking, we have the team to handle them. Our extensive auto body repairs include everything from minor dents and scratches to full straightening services. Rest assured that our collision services will be quick, efficient, and affordable, safely getting you back on the road. Your vehicle’s interior component will also be. Internal parts can go unnoticed during the repair process and owners may experience compromised vehicle performance down the road. We pay close attention to every detail so that your vehicle’s in the best condition possible.

Any collision can cause a variety of damages to your vehicle’s body, and our team is equipped with the experience and tools to return your vehicle to its pre-accident status. Terry’s Auto Body & Paint in Oceanside, CA is highly skilled in complete auto body restoration. We’re able to return your vehicle to excellence–inside and out–with our auto paint and detailing services. Local businesses and organizations bring their fleet to us for top quality preventative maintenance services. We are also available to provide fleet auto body repair services that keep your fleet on roads throughout the city of Oceanside.


In addition to our regular auto body services, we offer related services such as:

4-Wheel Alignment Service

Your vehicle’s wheel alignment can be knocked offline for a variety of reasons, including normal wear and tear or a collision with a curb. You might notice a slight or severe pulling to the right or left when driving straight. Terry’s Auto Body & Paint in Oceanside, CA performs 4-wheel alignments for all makes and models of vehicles. Our wheel alignment services will keep you safe and driving in a straight. You’ll also preserve your tires’ tread, allowing them all to wear evenly. A good wheel alignment will actually save you money in tire expenses.

Air Conditioning Recharging Service

Your vehicle’s air conditioning unit needs to be repaired for comfortable driving, especially if you’re entering the summer season. Terry’s Auto Body & Paint’s expert technicians can perform air conditioning recharges to make you enjoy cooler commutes. Bring us your vehicle’s air conditioning unit if it’s not blowing cool air out of its vents. Depending on the age of your car, you will be using R12 Freon or R-134a Freon. Our thorough air conditioning recharging service will include checking for, and sealing leaks. A malfunctioning A/C system can throw off the entire cooling system, so let us find out if your vehicle needs an air conditioning recharging.

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Call us today at 760-576-2068 to schedule your next auto body service appointment. You can also save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. Our team is looking forward to completely restoring your vehicle. Save yourself a lot of time, money, and stress by coming to us first. If there’s a silver lining to any vehicle accident, it’s Terry’s Auto Body & Paint service. We treat you like family, and service your like it was our own.

What Can We Help You With?
  • Complete collision repairs
  • Insurance repair work
  • All major and minor auto body repairs
  • Computerized frame measuring and straightening
  • Automotive refinishing with expert color matching
  • Free computerized estimates/appraisals
  • Auto glass replacement
  • Mechanical repairs